Your contribution counts!

Like every other non-profit association WELTFILME depends on your commitment and your support.

If you want to contribute as a volunteer or if you want to show our films at a special screening or have other ideas to support WELTFILME, please feel free to call us or contact us via email at any time.

Financial contributions are also very welcome. As our films are only exploited non-commercially, WELTFILME is happy about all donations.

All donations will be used exclusively to support the work of the association.

In case you need a receipt for your donation, please inform us about your postal address, the amount and the transfer date here.

We thank you for your contribution to strengthen a collaborative dialogue engaged at eye level and solidarity across borders!

How you can contribute.

Become a sustaining member

Become a sustaining member of WELTFILME e.V.

Download the form here: Fördermitgliedantrag

Make a one-time donation

by bank transfer

Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE70 4306 0967 1140 4369 00