Who to Choose

Mammie Fatu wants her daughter, Abie, to go to school, alongside her son, Alie. Fatu’s husband, Pa Sayo, is dead against it – in his view, girls should stay at home and do the housework. Mammie Fatu starts to fight for her daughter’s right to an education, and soon the whole village is discussing the case. Will Pa Sayo come round to her point of view in the end?

»In my house, girls are not allowed to go to school.«



Colour, 10 min.

Krio with English or German subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: Abass Foday Fofanah

Camera: Alhaji M. A. Sesay

Editor: Josephus Sankoh, Abass Foday Fofanah

Sound: Elizabeth L. Koroma

With: Cecilia M. Karimu, Abdul Veron Kamara, Hawa M. Mansaray, Alhaji Mansaray, Alpha Kamara, Isata Kondeh, Isatu Mansaray, Alpha Sesay, Alie Kamara, Marie Conteh, Sallieu Kargbo