WELTFILME.closeup: Kiirũ Ngotho

Kiirũ Ngotho directed the Kenyan short documentary SUN FOR RENT for our film project »Ideen.Transfair«. In this episode of WELTFILME.closeup, Kiirũ talks about how he became a director, how SUN FOR RENT evolved, and what kind of influence one has as a filmmaker.

WELTFILME.closeup is a series of short videos presenting film-makers from countries of development cooperation. These mini portraits deliver insight into the lives of the directors and recount, how they overcome many a obstacle to actually produce the films they envision.

Regisseur Kiirũ Ngotho

»I’m doing art and I’m loving it. Even though I’m suffering, sometimes I’m broke, can’t do much… but I’m loving it!«

Film information


Kenya / Germany 2015

Color, 10:10 Min.


Crew / Cast

Editor: Lisa Lischewski

Producer: Christian R. Timmann

Info Kiirũ Ngotho

Jotham-Kiiru-NgothoKiirũ Ngotho was born in Kenya and studied at the College of Arts in Namibia. As a film-maker and photographer he has worked on several documentaries for social institutions and NGOs. He also works as a creative media instructor for various grass-root media initiatives.