Tailor-made in Togo

In Togo clothes are designed based on personal preferences and hand made by tailors. Through this tradition, both culture and crafts are preserved.

Director Joël M’Maka Tchedre

»In the largest market of Togo’s capital Lomé, there are a lot of shops where you can easily find different kinds of exposed fabrics. Pagne is a part of daily life. What is the real sense of wearing such fabrics for the people? And how do Togolese tailors face the challenges of the “ready-to-wear” industry?«

Chiara Marquart-Tabel, weltwärts volunteer

»Ideas, images and thoughts our community can learn from. Pagne stands for living traditions. It gives identity to the Togolese in the past and in the future, undoubtedly a tradition with lasting merit. The people acknowledge the value of these fabrics and of tailoring, thus securing the survival of this tradition.«

Film information


Togo 2013

Color, 7:59 min.

Mina with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Joël M’Maka Tchedre

Camera: Kokou Soké Wonkou

Editor: Koulinté Bayamina

Music: Ayao Mawuna

Executive Producers: Frank Domhan, Alexander Pfeuffer

Info Joël M’Maka Tchedre

Joël M’Maka Tchedre

Joël M’Maka Tchedre was born in Togo and studied Film and Media Production in Niger and France. Since then he produces his own documentaries and short narratives and is founder of the Togolese production company ‘Les Films du Siècle’.