Sun for Rent

Ecofinder Kenya rents out solar lamps in remote areas of western Kenya. Thus the organization not only brings eco-friendly light sources to the people, but also creates jobs in the area.

Director Kiirũ Ngotho

»My goal was to give a human face to the project Solar Lamp Entrepreneurs. Thus I want the audience to see the impact solar energy has on our lives and also the possibilities for the future, both in Africa and the whole world.«

Nicolas Kawerau, weltwärts volunteer

»I would like to spread the idea of renting out lights to other parts of the world, where it could serve as a model and be the impetus to help people without access to electrical power. I aim to share concepts of sustainability and renewable energy sources that mankind needs to become aware of.«

Film information


Kenya 2013

Color, 8:16 min.

English with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Kiirũ Ngotho

Camera: Samuel Macharia

Editor: Nakia Matthias, Kiirũ Ngotho

Music: David Bayon – Tavita

Executive Producers: Frank Domhan, Alexander Pfeuffer

Info Kiirũ Ngotho

Kiirũ Ngotho

Kiirũ Ngotho was born in Kenya and studied at the College of Arts in Namibia. As a film-maker and photographer he has worked on several documentaries for social institutions and NGOs. He also works as a creative media instructor for various grass-root media initiatives.