Sudden and Unexpected

Manor Koyya has gained sad notoriety in Sierra Leone. The village was particularly badly affected by the Ebola outbreak. In this film, the chief of the village, Mohamed Simra Kamara, explains how the disease caused tensions, left people feeling helpless, and how it was able to keep on spreading. He also talks about the part religious traditions played in its spread.

»Nobody had any experience of how to deal with such an outbreak. It just caught us unaware.«

Film information

Color, 8 min.
Krio with English or German subtitles
Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: M.J. Sessy Kamara

Camera: M.J. Sessy Kamara, Arthur Pratt

Editor: M.J. Sessy Kamara

Sound: Rugiatu Kamara, Kofi Maxwell