Plan Well

Abdul has two daughters but would dearly like a son to ensure that the family name lives on when he’s gone. However, his wife, Sento, refuses. She believes it is more important to use what little money they have to give their daughters a decent education. Abdul’s pride is wounded and he ends up throwing Sento out of the house. However, it does not take him long to realize that he has acted rashly.

»As long there is no boy born you get nothing from me.«



Colour, 12 min.

Krio with English or German subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: Franklin T. O. M’Cormack

Camera: Rosamond L. M. Samura, Franklin T. O. M’Cormack

Editor: Franklin T. O. M’Cormack

Sound: Fatu Kargbo

With: Esther Pearce, Mohamed Kamara, Fatmata O. Bangura, Mohamed Alarini Bah, Victor N. Williams, Doris D. Koroma, Florences Y. G. Mansaray, Blessing R. Sankoh, Blessing F. Kamara