Picturing my Life

It is Nana’s biggest dream to work as a professional photographer. But without the support of her loved ones Nana has to stand up for herself – and for her dream.

»You don’t have to do this photography thing again. Just let it be.«



Colour, 32 min.

Krio with English subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2017

Crew / Cast

Director & Screenplay: Kwabena Eddie Mankata

Story: Kwabena Eddie Mankata, Aminata Drynee Bockarie

DOP & Editor: Aminata Drynee Bockarie

Sound: Fatmata Dallanda Bah

Light: Nakili Smith Nushann

Production Manager: Simeonette Uwanie Pontis

Continuity: Ewurafua Bailey

Costumes: Aminata Queen Kabbah

Locations: Franklin M’Cormack