Our Mistakes

The gender roles in the family are divided up quite clearly: Joe works in an office, while Haja does the housework and looks after their son. But it’s not enough for Haja. She wants to work. When, against her husband’s will, she applies for a job and neglects her duties as a housewife and mother, the situation begins to escalate…

»A graduate like me with a husband who doesn’t want me to work.«



Colour, 14 min.

Krio with English or German subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: Cecilia M. Karimu

Camera: Josephus Sankoh

Editor: Josephus Sankoh

Sound: Haja Umu Bangura

With: Jonathan T. Pellou, Abie Nancy Sesay, Judah O. Zubiro, Fatmata Bangura, Alhaji M. Koroma, Abass Foday Fofanah