On the Move

Filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Ghana und Liberia produce films about the situation of young people

The majority of people living in West Africa are young and between the ages of 14 to 24. What kind of life do members of this generation lead? What challenges do young people face today? What are their hopes, what are their dreams? These were the questions which inspired filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Ghana und Liberia to produce 4 films about young people attempting to make it in life.

The media project On the Move brought together 8 filmmakers. In the course of a one-week workshop in Freetown, they looked for stories which they found important and powerful. Then, drawing on these, they put together scripts for 4 films. At the same time, participants received a training to be able to teach others about filmmaking and the media’s role in society in the future.

In fact, the filmmakers had an opportunity to do just that the very next week, when 24 additional participants from Sierra Leone, Ghana und Liberia joined the group. These new arrivals were then taught about script development, film production and film technology, and about the role played by media in society, by the 8 filmmakers who had taken part in the previous workshop.

The participants subsequently produced 2 documentaries and 2 dramas, which you can watch on this site or on Youtube.

These films are also shown in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, and beyond: on television, at festivals or events, as well as via a mobile cinema, which will tour through all three countries, thereby reaching people with little access to media. The idea behind all of these showings is to reveal the issues affecting young people in these countries and to stimulate an ongoing debate in society.

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A project by
WELTFILME.org, SLADEA, Culture Radio und Xchange Perspectives.
In cooperation with
Youth Bridge Foundation and NAEAL.
With financial support from the
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Brot für die Welt.