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Clash of Cultures

Since independence, more and more young South Sudanese from all over the world return to their country. Conflict among them is inevitable.

Director Mary Kadi Manoah

»The idea for CLASH OF CULTURES came to me through personal experiences in the time after the signing of the peace agreement. Since independence, young people in South Sudan who had lived abroad before face attacks on their cultural affiliation. My fictional short film is based on these conflicts.«

Film information


Color, 7 Min

Republic of South Sudan, 2013

Arabic / English with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Mary Kadi Manoah

Camera: Hakim George

Editor: York Ezra, Christian R. Timmann

Production Assistant: Isaac Ngobi

Sound: Jana König

Executive Producers: Alexander Pfeuffer, Frank Domhan

With: Stella Konga, Alice Barengow, Macqueline Paul, Winnie Joseph, Ferida Tito

Info Mary Kadi Manoah

Mary Kadi Manoah

Mary Kadi Manoah was born in 1985 and studied Mass Communication in Cairo. She was a presenter at the Voice of the People Radio and works currently as a reporter at Citizen Television (CTV).