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JUBA YOUTH – Five Films from a Newborn Country

How is it to work as a young film-maker in South Sudan? A documentary about the directors of JUBA YOUTH and the challenges of production on the spot.

Alex Taban

»Believe me, South Sudan will never be the same in film industry. We are still learning and we are still coming up. We still need more opportunities of learning about filmmaking. But this is the beginning of the beginning. You will like it later on!«

Film information

Video Documentation

Color, 24 Min

Republic of South Sudan, 2013

Arabic / English with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Camera: Sebastian Prams, Hakim George

Editor: Christian R. Timmann

Sound: Jana König

Executive Producers: Frank Domhan, Alexander Pfeuffer

With: Mary Kadi Manoah, Joice John Thomas, Alex Taban, Ochan Hannington, Simon Bingo