Ebola Checkpoint

Foday will try anything to make enough money to ensure that his son has the medical treatment he needs, even if this means abusing his position as police officer. Working at a checkpoint, he demands bribe money from people hoping to get through. Will Foday be able to raise enough money without getting caught?

»It‘s your duty to protect citizens and not to take bribes.«

Film information

Color, 13 min.
Krio with English or German subtitles
Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: Mohamed Janneh

Camera: Abass Foday Fofanah, Mohamed Mansaray

Editor: Mohamed Janneh, Anabih Noah S. Sesay

Sound: Anabih Noah S. Sesay, Mohamed Conteh

With: Almamy Mansaray, Fatmata Marian Kargbo, Sia Sogbandi, Mathew Johnson, Mohamed Alarini Bah, Abass Foday Fofonah, Nathaniel Metziger, Anabih Noah S. Sesay, Henrietta Mbawah, Kadiatu Koroma, Fatmata Kallon, Mohamed Janneh, Ibrahim Sesay, Abu Bakaar Kargbo, Mateneh Turay