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Dowry of Life

Mary loves John, but she was forced to marry a wealthy man instead. A meeting with her lover has fatal consequences.

Director Simon Bingo

»I decided to make DOWRY OF LIFE, because such stories are happening here in my country. Women in some cultures in South Sudan are regarded as a source of income because of the bride price. Now is the time to discourage these negative traditional practices.«

Film information


Color, 9 Min

Republic of South Sudan, 2013

English with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Simon Bingo

Camera: Gordon Morris

Editor: Simon Bingo, Christian R. Timmann

Assistant to the Director: Alex Taban

Sound: Jana König

Executive Producers: Alexander Pfeuffer, Frank Domhan

With: Simon Bingo, Doker Stephen, Mary Yangi Philip, James Kelyona, Kindu Sarah, Musa John

Info Simon Bingo

Simon Bingo

Simon Bingo was born in 1986 and studied TV and Video Production at Nairobi University. He works as a producer, editor and presenter at South Sudan Television (SSTV).