Digging for a new Life

When K’Doe dropped out of school, he had no option but to take a job as a grave digger. But he has different aspirations. What can he do to realize his dreams, while at the same time trying to provide for his family?

»Sometimes I feel sorrow and sympathy for the bereaved and I have to cry.«



Colour, 17 min.

Krio with English subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2017

Crew / Cast

Directed by: Eddie M. Gibson, Mohamed Alarini Bah

Camera: George Lewis, Mohamed Alarini Bah

Editor: Josephus Maligie Sankoh

Sound: Stanley Kpeyou

Light: John Ade Coker

Production Manager: Abass Foday Fofanah

Catering: Cynthia Lah