Diana’s Diary

Sandy, a wealthy businessman, took in Diana and her mother when they were living on the street. Now life finally seems to be treating them both well. However, Diana soon realizes that Sandy is not the caring stepfather she thought he was. She has no other option: she has to run away. Her mother is distraught. Only when she reads Diana’s diary does she discover why her daughter suddenly vanished.

»If anything goes wrong, I want people to know. This is why I sent you the diary.«



Colour, 17 min.

Krio and English with English or German subtitles

Sierra Leone, 2016

Crew / Cast

Director: Mohamed Janneh

Camera: Aminata Drynie Bockarie

Editor: Aminata Drynie Bockarie

Sound: Fatmata Dallanda Bah

With:  Isatu L. Barrie, Seray Sesay, Komrabai T. Kamara, Zainab Moiwa, Almamy Mansaray, Tennyson Sulaiman Swaray, Mohamed Conteh