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Pitia prefers to go for a drink with his friends rather than attending school – until something terrible happens. Pitia now has to make up his mind …

Director Alex Taban

»DECIDE deals with the negative impact of peer pressure and the effect of lacking parental guidance in our country. My film shows the importance of education in the upbringing of the youth. It should support the education of society as a whole.«

Film information


Color, 10 Min

Republic of South Sudan, 2013

Arabic with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Alex Taban

Camera: John Bosco, Simon Bingo

Editor: John Bosco, Christian R. Timmann

Sound: Jana König

Executive Producers: Alexander Pfeuffer, Frank Domhan

With: Isaac Charles, Emmanuel George, Alex Joseph, Alex Taban, Tartisio Tombe

Info Alex Taban

Alex Taban

Alex Taban, film-maker and actor, was born in 1980 and studied at the Uganda Film & TV Production Institute in Kampala. He also works as a producer and a presenter at South Sudan Television (SSTV).