Blows to the Soul

Juan and Carlos attend the same school in southern Bogotá, Colombia. One is bullying, the other is being bullied until both participate in the social theatre project BLOWS TO THE SOUL. The workshop program helps them to escape their roles as perpetrator and victim and to generate mutual respect by learning about themselves and others.

Director Eliana Sánchez

»Through the film BLOWS TO THE SOUL I want to give a voice to children who suffered from bullying. Guido Molina shows how you can bring together victims and perpetrators in a theater workshop and change their lives to the better.«

Sabrina Trost, weltwärts volunteer

»The project BLOWS TO THE SOUL joins theater with educational and preventive work. The authentic theater play is based on the actual environment and everyday school life of teenagers. It could be implemented in Germany, too.«

Film information


Columbia 2013

Color, 9:07 min.

Spanish with English or German subtitles

Crew / Cast

Director: Eliana Sánchez

Camera: José Silva, Daniel Roberto

Editor: Iván Álvarez, Fabio Ojeda

Music: Alejandro Ramírez Rojas

Productionsmanager: Guido Molina

Executive Producers: Alexander Pfeuffer, Frank Domhan

Info Eliana Sánchez

Eliana Sánchez

Eliana Sánchez studied Directing and Producing Film and Television at Manuela Beltrán University in Bogotá. She has worked on a number of productions and directed several short films for television on the subject of disarmament.