Films for development

How can people in developing and transition countries testify about their lives and themselves? And how can their messages, wishes and visions reach as many recipients as possible?

Like no other medium, film is able to fulfill this task and take international audiences into a different world. Its language is universal, as film addresses all senses – through images, sound, music and emotions.

Making films is making something out of your life!

The digital revolution enabled people in various countries to expand their participation in society and communication. Unlike before, it is now possible to create a complete movie with a minimum know-how and budget.

The process of filmmaking encourages individual initiative and opens new scopes of action.

Everyone involved will be part of the message of the film and can therefore participate in the social discourse – in his country and worldwide.

Producing movies is producing an effect

In principle, a film can be presented to an unlimited number of people around the world.

Each film presentation helps to spread the film idea and its content, regardless of it being a public or an internet screening.

Watching films means watching the world

Active citizenship has never been more important than today. And it has never been easier to support it with the use of digital media and the resulting interconnection. Closeness and responsibility emerges beyond geographical distances. The films facilitated by WELTFILME turn the viewer‘s abstract desire to help into something specific and vivid.