WELTFILME initiates and promotes film projects in partner countries of development cooperation.
The local film-makers‘ original themes and visions are always at the center of the fictional or documentary productions.

WELTFILME supports the whole process from the first story idea all the way through to the exploitation of the films.

WELTFILME aims to facilitate a growing North-South dialogue by making these productions accessible to the largest possible audience.

Our latest films and projects


How to give a say to people all around the world?
How can they be enabled to tell about themselves and their lives?
And how will their dreams and their message reach numerous recipients?

Like no other media, film is capable of taking an international audience to a different world. The nature of cinematic communication is universal, as its images, score and emotions speak to all senses.

In order to intensify the dialogue between the northern and the southern world WELTFILME supports the works of local film-makers in developing countries – from script development through to postproduction.

The stories created in the process are presented to a large audience via cinema, television, social media and with traveling film busses, both in the country of origin and in Germany.

With each project WELTFILME builds a network of film-makers and media artists in developing and transition countries with the objective to create a local film industry which is internationally integrated and economically sustainable.


  • Media competence

    The creation of own movies activates medial participation and develops the ability to make sound judgements about the use of media.

  • Public Attention

    The films support intra-societal discussion, transparency and democratic participation in partner countries and strengthen the South-North dialogue.

  • Active Citizenship

    Arousing the viewer‘s interest in topics of the international development cooperation encourages concrete commitment.

  • Sustainable results

    Each project builds on the one before. Frequentness creates long-term commitment.

  • Cultural sustainability

    Each project builds up a network of participants and facilitates a continuously increasing cultural exchange.

  • Economic sustainability

    Each project establishes film production structures that can be accessed by the countries’ emerging film industries.